Opportunity strictly for Sri Lankan Businesses & Services.

 Dear Sri Lankans,
Ayubowan | Wanakkam | Assalamu alaikum | Welcome
It is much pleasure me to introduce SLD’s latest product for everyone to keep in their offices, shops, restaurants and factories and warehouses, Australia & Sri Lanka Calendar 2020. We named it AusLan Calendar 2020
Be Quick. first come first serve basis and not more than two in each business/service sector. (Ex: lawyers: maximum 2 sponsors, medical centres: maximum 2 sponsors like-wise)
Features: (scroll down to see sample)
  • Sri Lanka and Australia holidays
  • Sri Lanka & Australia attractions
  • Birthday and special event notice
  • Previous and next month calendar on each month
  • Calendar for whole year for both countries
  • Mark note on each date of the month
  • People will love it
  • You can be a part of it
Sponsorship Benefits
  • Your logo visible whole year
  • Your logo and message visible one month
  • People keep referring wall calendars
  • Your logos visible on each month page, birthdays page and back cover.
  • Promotions on social media (facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube)
  • 5,000 copies
Closing date: 31.10.2019 | Distribution: December 2019 – January 2020
Selling price: $2 each selling Sri Lankan groceries shops and restaurants. (10 complimentary copies to each sponsor)
  • Logo on month page top + message/contacts on month page bottom


  • Logo on month page top + message/contacts on month page bottom
    • $ 395.00
We invite you to come on board and be a part of AusLankan’s first dual-nation calendar.

Calendar pages

  • Front Cover
  • Front-inner page
  • Front-first page
  • Attractions page x 12
  • Month calendar page x 12
  • Back Cover
I Hope you are happy with the proposal and will respond asap.
All good wishes